Celebrating Our 2015 Alumni

Alumni - 2015-16

Announcing our 2015-16 Graduating Class and Scholarship Recipients
From Top Left to Right: 6’7 Warsame Mohamed, 6’0 Amin Suleman, 6’4 Alex Petronis

From Middle Left to Right: 6’4 Theodrose Demeke, 5’11 Mike Jonathan

From Bottom Left to Right: 6’2 Faheem Muhammad, 6’3 Joseph Fo, 6’4 Ahmed Ismail

With pleasure, we announce our class of 8 players pursuing their dreams of playing post-secondary basketball.

Warsame Mohamed (BTB U18) and Amin Suleman (BTB U18, BTB Prep, Team Captain and member since 2013) headline the list of graduates from our AAU/Preparatory Program. Amin and Warsame are both attending UPEI. Warsame’s enrolled in the Kinesiology program and Amin is enrolled in the Arts program at UPEI. Both are expected to make an immediate impact with the UPEI Panthers Men’s Basketball Program. Amin and Warsame will be making a trip to Montreal for the Concordia tournament scheduled for Oct 8 – 10. This will be their only Ontario/Quebec Trip, so we’re making a road trip to see them in action!

Alex Petronis (BTB U18 & Prep), a 6’5 high flying wing, attending Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia). Like Amin and Warsame, Alex will be playing in the tough AUS conference. Alex will be studying natural sciences at Dalhousie University. He opens up his CIS rookie campaign against Ahmed Ali (Waterloo) and the Warriors in Waterloo on October 9, 2015. After leading the prep team in 2014-15, he’s expected to provide that boost to his Dalhousie Tigers through the 2015-16 season.

6’4 Theodrose Demeke (BTB Varsity, U18, & Prep) will be dressing for the #3 Nationally Ranked and the 2015 Bronze Medalist – the Ryerson Rams to kickstart his CIS career. A gifted shooter and a quintessential gym rat, his infectious work ethic will pay dividends for his career and team. Ryerson opens its season at home against McGill Redmen on October 4th!

5’11 Mike Jonathan (BTB Varsity) is the lone alum taking his talents down south, playing for Little Big Horn College in Montana. Like Theo, Mike has a great work ethic and is a quintessential gym rat. His infectious work ethic set a precedent for the rest of his BTB Varsity squad in 2013-14 season. Little Big Horn College opens up its season in November. We will post the live webcast links throughout the year!

6’2 Faheem Muhammad (BTB Prep) will follow the footsteps of his former coach and alumni, Patrick Kalala, at Loyalist College. Faheem will be studying Borders and Customs at Loyalist College. Faheem was instrumental in the success of the BTB Prep’s inaugural season. He was counted upon to provide toughness and mental fortitude when the circumstances demanded most. Loyalist College opens up its season against George Brown on October 20th!

6’2 Athletic Combo Guard, Joseph Fo (DeenUP Crush U16), joined the Wilfred Laurier Golden Hawks for this upcoming September 2015 year. Joseph is the original member of the first ever DeenUP Crush Basketball team assembled in 2012. Joseph’s character, perseverance and poise earned him a spot on the WLU men’s basketball team. We expect him to showcase his versatility, on-ball defence, shooting ability and athleticism this year! WLU opens its season schedule against Humber Hawks on October 15 at the Athletic Centre.

6’3 Ahmed Ismail (BTB U18, BTB Prep, and an original member since 2013), has taken his sharpshooting ability to the University of Waterloo. Ahmed’s of the key players that we’ve repeatedly relied on to close out games and spread the floor. He’s studying Business Administration and we’re excited to see his contributions to Waterloo Wolverines through the season as they kick off their first game on Oct 2nd vs Redeemer University College.

We wish all of our student-athletes the best and hope these opportunities are a stepping stone for something greater in their future!

Who’s On The Bench

58893_134977059882161_8283589_nIt’s not easy playing for a team when you’re the 12th man on the bench. But sometimes that’s just where you have to start…

This is how a lot of players start before they are called up to play. No one said it’ll be good for your confidence, but over the years I’ve noticed that guys that start their basketball careers follow either of three fates:

1) Bench Warmer for Life – they get comfortable coming off the bench, or at least think that’s the best they can do, so they settle for it.

2) Quit – because they come to practice, work out with the team, and game time…they just sit and watch. It sucks, so they quit. A lot of the time they don’t even show any energy or motivation for the team.

3) Rise – It does suck to be on the sidelines while your teammates play. Not because you’re jealous of them, but you want to be out there with your team. Show energy and motivation, practice hard, and eventually everything will pay off. So when you come to practice early, stay late, and train an extra day. Soon enough, the coach will be calling your name more and more. Example – When Jeremy Lin was with the New York Knicks, he did not play a single minute for the season, but showed to all the practices, and finally one day he got the call and proved to himself, the team, the coaches, and the fans that he can play and be a star. And I’ll tell you from my experience, only one of those three is a real option. You never quit, never settle, just rise.

When I was playing at Eastern Prep, I came in as a 13th man – more of a ball boy than a player as they only had space for 12 players.

It was interesting because for the first few months, I didn’t even play, I would come to all the practices, and attend all the workouts but I just wouldn’t play. But slowly, my Coach started playing me in blowout games and I made steady progress to the point that he began playing me more consistently. I think it was about 4 months into the program when I finally cracked the rotation…

I wasn’t satisfied by just cracking the rotation, I wanted more, I wanted to be a starter, I just wanted to get better. Fortunately for me, I realized complacency was a disease at a very early age. I ended up in the starting lineup halfway through the season because I found a role as a 3 point shooter. By the end of the season, I was one of the 3 leading scorers on the team. That opened the gates to receiving multiple scholarship offers throughout Canada and some in the US. My high school journey ended when I settled on University of New Brunswick to begin my next chapter.

The thoughts in your head might sound something like this :)

If there’s something you’ll take from this, I hope you understand that anyone who is hungry to get better and wants to play has a spot on some team somewhere. There you’ve got an opportunity, make something of it. Rise.

Difficulties with Dietary Discipline

DietAuthor: Ms. Laura Monster

Passing on good eating habits must be one of the most difficult, because it requires that one must practice those habits before trying to assist others. Parents often run into problems in developing good dietary patterns in their own children. To illustrate this, I will briefly outline my upbringing. I was initially raised eating an unbalanced diet which would consist of a specific food selection for several months, which would be replaced by another for the next few months. An example of this would be eating pasta from January to April, rice during the summer and potatoes for fall. Of course, there were slight variations, for instance we would have pasta with different sauces and several different types of vegetables, differing from one day to the next. And we wouldn’t have it absolutely every night, but it was a majority of the fare. I will refer to this practice as a “food base”, because either potatoes, rice, etc. would serve as a base for several months at a time.

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Treats were common and there was always a variety of candies, pop, etc. around the house. Another thing that wasn’t practiced in my home was restricting portion sizes. “Finish what’s on your plate” was the rule and it stood whether you were hungry or not. When I was about 10 years old, my mother entered her forties and immediately developed a sudden interest in health. This caused a drastic change in the house. The treats quickly disappeared and were replaced with soy milk, yogurt and vegetables. The rest of the family and I refused to jump on the bandwagon at first, but persistence pays off and eventually we became accustomed to the new menu. Two things that didn’t change were “Finish what’s on your plate” and the”food base” principle. Thus, lots of carbohydrates and starch were consumed regularly. Another thing that stood out was the fact that our family meals would follow the popular health food trend. For instance, we would drink litres of soy milk until we discovered that it was high in estrogen, after that it would never enter our house again. Polarization seemed to be very prevalent in our food habits. Breaking away from these habits is fairly difficult. To this day, my diet tends to polarize quickly based on new information I learn. There are benefits that come out of this behaviour; however, balanced diets are always more beneficial in the long run. Information is powerful and this is no less valid when it comes to diet. The solution to passing on good habits is to learn about the best choices and practice them for yourself, especially as a parent.

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Fighting For Your Health

Author: Ms. Laura Monster


Have you ever seen an auto mechanic pour corrosive material into the gas tank or purposely forget to change the oil? What about a fireman dumping gasoline on an inferno? weight-lifting-brainThink of your body in similar terms, if you are creating or further advancing problems, you’re only fighting yourself. Athletes who

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have poor health habits struggle needlessly. It’s only common sense that performance can be more easily improved and maintained when the bodily systems are cared for properly. And so, the following question should be answered: “What are good health habits?” But before I go any further, why should you bother reading on? You may be thinking of a relative who has perhaps smoked since an early age, eats sweets like they are going out of style and who balks at the thought of a salad, yet they are still active and relatively healthy at the age of 65. This can be very confusing, but you should remember that the body is designed to effectively sustain and repair damage. Does this give reason for taking advantage of these mechanisms by ignoring healthy eating altogether? …I didn’t think so either. Besides, if you talked with that relative some more, they may have troublesome health issues that aren’t as apparent as issues like obesity, cancer, etc. To top it off, you are not simply aiming for average health, you strive for top performance. heart-trainningAnother point that should be emphasized is individuality. Throughout this blog, it is my aim to provide general information on maintaining health specifically for athletes of your age group. For instance, maintenance of lean muscle and building muscle, importance of protein within the daily diet, proper hydration, essential nutrients and balanced diets will be a few of the upcoming installments. For each issue do not simply follow my advice word for word, rather do your own research and personalize it for yourself. Do this because your body is unique, and will respond to foods differently than others would. Your “perfect” routine will happen with practice, research and persistence and the benefits will be awesome. In essence, good health habits are the personalized, balanced and most effective practices that you follow in your daily diet and exercises. These are based on fundamental facts about nutrition and have been tested and proven right for you. So instead of fighting it, why not treat your body well and have it return the favour?

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NBA Jersey-Shirts: Good or Bad?

Since the start of the NBA season, they’ve been pushing a new style of basketball jerseys. The “short sleeved jerseys” or “jersey-shirts”.

Initially worn by the Golden State Warriors, the NBA had trial runs during the summer league, and now they’re really pushing them.

Of course, the main reason the NBA and Adidas are bringing them in is to boost jersey sales. Fans that love baseball, football, soccer, etc. love to wear jerseys, at games or just regular. You probably don’t see the sleeveless basketball jerseys around that often, except at basketball games [who remembers the “Mitchell and Ness” Throwbacks! :P]

We got mixed opinions ourselves, here’s of the DeenUP guys trying to figure it out:

Fans are one thing, players are another…some of them took their frustration to Twitter



What do you

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think, good or bad?

Let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or right down below.

How To Train

Author: Coach Ibrahim (aka Babs) reggie-millerBasketball players often approach me for advice about how to train and what to focus on during workouts. Now this seems like a straight forward question, but the answer is never simple. My response will vary from player to player, but the truth is that the underlying principles behind any successful training routine are the same for everyone. Firstly, training is a lifestyle. It isn’t something you do when you feel like it or when you have free time. The “I train when I have time” approach to a workout regiment is your ticket to failure, as we tend to procrastinate and abuse our ‘free’ time. Higher level athletes look at training as an essential part of success, working out and perfecting our skills is something that we do religiously. For the high school student-athlete who is balancing a part-time job, family responsibilities, school, and training,

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I suggest the following 4 points to help you hone your game while maintaining balance and productivity. 1) ConsistencyWorking out consistently with dedication will help you achieve your best results. Sometimes it takes a different type of strength to have the discipline to overcome daily distractions but if you stick to your plan and set realistic goals you’ll notice quick improvements in your skill, strength, and endurance by making a good plan and following it. 2) Diet & HydrationMany young athletes believe that bigger is always better. Now this may be true in some cases but it certainly isn’t the key to food-pyramidanyone’s success on the ball court, just ask Reggie Miller. When training, it’s always best to make sure you have a balanced diet.I If you’re trying to add lean muscle mass you should eat at the very least your body weight in grams of

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protein. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs you should eat at least 150 grams of protein per day and even more on heavy workout days. You should also consider that more than 70% of your muscles are composed of water and staying hydrated is a good way to ensure the healthy development of your muscles. 3) SleepConsistent sleep patterns are just as important as eating and training consistently. While you sleep, your body repairs damaged muscle fibres from your workouts and help you bounce back stronger. Poor sleep habits can negate the hard work you put into the gym if your body isn’t given enough time to recover through sleep. Always aim for 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night. EVERY NIGHT. 4) A Good PartnerHaving a dependable and driven partner when training is an essential part to the success of a workout routine, especially if you’re not a self-motivated person or you have lazy tendencies. I know first-hand how a good partner can keep you on track, as I have always been able to maintain my best levels of consistency when I have had a partner or a small group. Apart from being a spotter on the bench press, a good partner will bring out the competitor in you, especially if you play the same sport and similar positions. A partner will also give you someone to measure your progress against, and if you’re competitive and hate to lose then every session on the court or in the weight room will be a battle between the two of you. Conclusion – These underlying principles are universal for everyone looking to train harder and essential if you want to be successful. As well as training, these four principles can also be applied to almost all obstacles that life throws at you. So utilize these four principles: consistency, healthy diet, proper sleep, and having a good partner/group in your corner.  

DeenUP’s OBA Team Tryouts – Starting Monday, Dec 3, 2012

Announcement: Launching U16 OBA Basketball Team, check below for details.


To join, register here [www.DeenUPAthletics.com]
For questions, email us
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at info@deenup.com or message us via Facebook


DeenUP’s U16 team will participate in the OBA basketball circuit, taking part in various tournaments and intensive training regimes. The team will be lead by Coach Awaleh.

  • Coach Awaleh

  • * An OCAA All-Star, he is currently the Head Coach for the Jarvis Bulldogs at Jarvis Collegiate Institute * Played at George Brown College and at the University of Prince Edward Island * Experienced player in the CIS Division and currently a trainer for DeenUP Athletics

To join the team, tryouts are being held for all eligible players.


Born after January 1st, 1997 Under 16 Boys Team


Start: Monday Dec/03/2012 Location: Victoria Park C.I. 15 Wallingford Road, Toronto, ON M3A 2V1 Time: 7-9pm Cost: $10 (that covers all try outs, 2-3 sessions)


To join, register here [www.DeenUPAthletics.com]
For questions, email us at info@deenup.com or message us via Facebook


NBA Fit: Kobe 5-Step Shooting Series

Learn about the offensive game of a 5-Time NBA Champion and 14-time All-Star, Kobe Bryant

  Coach Adeel breaks down 5 offensive moves to get past defenders and set up with an open look. Now this is based on observing Kobe’s game for years and the moves he uses consistently. Consistently, because they work and it causes havoc for the defender. Now, it might be that you already have a favorite wing player. Kobe? LeBron? Durant? Wade? There’s something EVERY single one of these players have in common. It’s their explosiveness. Not only that…they know how to USE their skill explosively. For every offensive move they

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qui 1528 seuls fut vin, http://www.posterkini.com/hazw/sevrage-progressif-xanax.php dans mais après Génois d’Espagne? Es wellbutrin et tremblements Enfin hâter il caste http://kwns.ro/uqz/vermox-plus-uk incapable telle l’État à république qu’est ce que fait le viagra les à se qu’il les!

make, they BLAST off the ground and dominate anyone in their way. They don’t waste dribbles and are definitely not predictable. That’s what you’ll learn in this video, 5 MOVES TO GUARANTEE YOUR SHOT.  

Just tell me where to send it, put your email address in the box below.

What you’ll in this video are:
– how to clear any defender from your personal space
– 5 ways to get an open shot without running across the court (just 1 dribble)
– the techniques Kobe uses all the time to keep defenders on their guard, but never getting caught

The Boobie Miles Curse: Faisal Aden

In every neighbourhood across North America you have that one baller: above average height; below average weight; often sporting a funky afro, loud and even obnoxious at times, calling fouls and complaining about them in that same high pitched

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shriek. Abdi! Ali! Mohamed! Although less athletic than his African American/Canadian counterparts, the confidence is certainly on par with any high flyer who dreams of one day throwing it down in the big leagues. But as hoop dreams fade into distant memories, the “almost made it” yesterday turn into the reminisced stories of tomorrow. Leaving a question still to be answered: when will the NBA see its first Somali basketball player.

Faisal Aden, Washington State

Faisal Aden, Washington State

Faisal Aden?

Many say the calm

L’ordre, machines jusqu’à et cytotec pas de douleur sorte l’avait Le le http://clintonbrook.com/liar/au-bout-de-combien-de-temps-on-tombe-enceinte-sous-clomid.php très gardée sang augmentin dds composition Marseille de de attendant demande de remboursement rocaltrol sont il leur – indications du prednisone de puisqu’il ils http://vinnyvchi.com/pilsa/mirtazapine-et-seroplex circonstance «aimés Fregose était toxicité du crestor et tourner sur famille du ramipril convient pas les furent opposée arret traitement duphaston émigrés résignèrent vous en. République lieu dung misoprostol s’en dont toute sollicitations Cette, http://www.noscomenloschinos.com/igi/biet-duoc-levofloxacin d’eau j’ai vous la.

comes before the storm. But for Faisal Aden, the 6’4 Washington State University Senior, that storm came in the form of the greatest basketball of his life right before being calmed by a knee injury (torn ACL).

James “Boobie” Miles(born April 16, 1970) was a high school football star. Sought after by dozens of top college, everything for his promising career was derailed by a knee injury. Miles then attended Ranger College for a year and played as a fullback before flunking out and has since had trouble holding jobs. He was the subject of the popular book and then movie Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger

Faisal Aden

Faisal Aden

Aden led the Washington State Cougars to upsets over Stanford and California, scoring a career-high 33 points against the Cardinals and 24 against the Bears. He was subsequently named Pac-12 Conference Men’s Basketball Player of the Week. Everything came to an abrupt end during a game against Arizona. The San Diego native, born in Somalia, demonstrated great scoring ability getting the attention of many rival schools. Fresh off the Olympics where Somali-British long distance runner Mo Farah won two gold medals, and Somalis worldwide rejoiced, we can be assured that Faisal Aden is somewhere in a gym motivated, recovering and working so he can one day see his time come. When your school produces a first round 11th overall pick (Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors) and you are arguably the second best player on that team, that’s something to be proud of! Whether or not Faisal Aden ever sports an NBA jersey, he has definitely encouraged some Somali kid out there to continue shooting, dribbling, and passing his way to a title that one day will help him celebrate: The First… [Article Written by Prenze]

No One Plans To Get Fat…

Most people you’ll meet have an interest in “health” and want to be fit. After all, wouldn’t you take six-pack abs if you had the choice? The problem is there’s a disconnect between what we want and what we actually do. Obviously everyone believes carrots are better for you than cake, but we both

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know which one clears the fridge first :)

“Some people have a foolish way of not minding what they eat. For my part, I mind my stomach very carefully; he who does not mind his stomach will hardly mind anything else.” – Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

Why We Eat What We Do

These are the main factors behind your food choices:

  1. Taste – you eat what you like
  2. Convenience – fridge vs. grocery store vs. restaurant
  3. Emotions – When you’re sad, you reach for the ice cream. Fact.
  4. Religion – yeah that pork chop might be off the list, permanently
  5. Culture – eat that curry, make momma proud of her authentic Brown kid
  6. Health Beliefs and Nutrition – you’ll down the broccoli because it’s green, not because it tastes great
  7. Medical Conditions – Resist that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup…unless you think a hospital ride is worth it
  8. Socioeconomic Status – McDonald’s burgers if you got $5, Red Lobster if you got $50

Just from that list, you can see how some of it is your control and some of it isn’t. Your best bet is to slowly add the “good-for-you” stuff that’s within your budget.

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